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A look back and the year ahead for the Brescia House School Alumnae Association

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

BHSAA - Chairlady's Report 2019

It is amazing to watch how our Alumnae Association keeps growing from strength to strength, since 2017 we have inducted over 100 new alumnae and we are gaining huge momentum with the introduction of our Legacy Membership which through the power of Brescia Ladies over the years has the ability to enable a thriving sisterhood and networking opportunities.

Matric Induction 2019

Over the last year we have focused on getting our website up and running as a platform to share news, events and information about what we are up to and how you can get involved.


Look out for our various meet-ups throughout the year.

We are particularly excited for the launch of our Sports Club headed up by our newly recruited committee member Sam Thorne.

The Homecoming picnic - has been on the go for 2 years already and is picking up some traction, we are excited to announce that we will continue with this fundraiser combining it with the Launch of our Sports Club – The annual old Girl Vs Matric Hockey matches will be held as part of the sporting events of the day to encourage more ladies to return to the school, holding it over a weekend will also ensure a better attendance and increased spirit level with support from family and friends.

Networking Tea - We recently hosted the 2nd successful networking tea – this year we extended the invite to the entire high school and saw how this benefited the girls – we also noticed an increase in support from alumnae who came along to offer career advice to their little sisters, thisis the essence of what we are trying to achieve through our association.

Over the last year, we have maintained focus to raise funds for the Brescia Alumnae Bursary Fund that may be awarded to one of our girls’ girls.

Along with our events to raise funds we have recently become active through the MySchool initiative which has to date raised R3000.00 - so be sure to add the Brescia House Foundation as a beneficiary to your MySchool card, these funds are valuable to the foundation.

The Year ahead:

With each year comes learning opportunities so here is what we have taken from the previous years and planned for 2019:

In September, we will host the 3rd Annual ‘Homecoming’ picnic, where Alumnae are invited to attend with their family and friends in conjunction with the Alumnae Sports Day and Sports Club Launch

In the same month, the Alumnae will continue to host a high school assembly and welcome the current matric class into the Alumnae Association.

This will involve awarding each girl an emblem that they can keep with them as a member of our community and invite alumnae members to join the assembly.

In order to encourage social interaction with Alumnae in the community the BHSAA Sports club will propose inter-alumnae tournaments with surrounding old girl associations ( the first of it's kind) These tournaments will also double up as a charity drive where entrance will be donation of sporting equipment to continue with the Serviam culture instilled in us

As members of the Sports club or Legacy Members, the school grounds will be available for use at certain times. These facilities will be made available to Sports Club and Legacy Members as well as their immediate family.

Alumnae Sporting merchandise will be developed for races and events, and events where members are taking part will be advertised. Merchandise will be part of a welcome pack as well as available for sale and can be worn proudly to any sporting event to encourage Sports sisterhood comraderie.

All these amazing advances and ideas would not be possible without our dedicated committee members especially Heather Auchterlonie, who literally keeps the committee in line and up to date every step of the way. Our Brescia house school heads Ann Owgan and Loredana Borello who always make themselves available to attend all our meeting and functions and for their valuable insights into the school's daily happenings.

So, thank you for those who have attended the AGM 2019 we know how precious your time is and value your support.

We are thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead and I hope to connect with each and every one of you at events and social meet ups – I look forward meeting each and every one of you and learning about your Brescia Journey and where you are today.

Be sure to give us a cheer at the next race or walk if you see us sporting our BHSAA Sports Club gear and we hope to be able to do the same for you.

Enjoy the butternut soup ( the best soup ever and a definite reason not to miss the next AGM)

Je'mae Mountjoy


Brescia House School Alumnae Association

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