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Remember your first steps in your shiny brown shoes and your little white hat on your head 


Remember first meeting your friends and your teachers, wondering where you'd be led  


Remember the giggles, the hard tests and tears remember trying to fit in 


Remember not knowing where you would go, or even where to begin. 


Look at you now, can you believe it.

Do do remember the moment you just knew, that You were a Brescia girl, you are a Brescia girl, we know because we are one too.  


We walked the same steps in the same brown shoes and wore the same hat on our head 


We cried the same tears and shared the same laughter and wondered about what lay ahead 


There's a sisterhood of women who are waiting to support you, to guide you and lift you up high 


There's a special bond that can't be broken.  We are Brescia Alumnae 

Our aim is to bring together Brescia House girls of all years and ages, let them guide each , show support and create opportunities.

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